Sawa Yamada
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Gender Female
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club Girl's Basketball
Personal Status
Friends Kimihito Onizuka
Manga Chapter 69
Voice Actors
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Sawa Yamada is a character in Tsurezure Children. She is in class 2-1 and is in the girl's basketball club.


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Sawa in her basketball outfit

Sawa is a slim girl of average height. She has dark turquoise, shoulder length hair and large, dark turquoise cat-like eyes.

When she plays basketball, she wears a black t-shirt and puts her hair in a ponytail with her bangs out.


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Excited Sawa

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Sawa rapping with Kimihito

Always seen smiling, Sawa is a very cheerful, sociable and easy-going girl. She is very nice and makes friends easily. She likes rap possibly because of Kimihoto and constantly asks him to rap for her. However, she isn't very good at rapping herself.

Sawa is very athletic and basketball is her favorite sport.



Kimihito Onizuka: Edit

Kimihito is Sawa's close friend. She is the only one that knows about his dream about becoming a famous rapper. Sawa often catches Kimihito rapping in secret and always asks him to rap for her. Although she doesn't know it, Kimihito has a big crush on her. She thinks that he is unreliable when it comes to romance. However, it is hinted that she is interested in him as well.

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Sawa watching the fireworks with Kimihito while holding hands


  • She would want her lover to have rapping skills.
  • She was the starter of her middle school's girl's basketball team even though she was the shortest one.

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