Kazuko Hosokawa
Kazuko Hosogawa
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Height 162cm (5'3")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-4
Personal Status
Friends Shinichi Katori (Crush), Kana Iijima, Ayane Matsuura, Patricia Caulfield
Manga Chapter 12
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Urakawa
English Michelle Rojas
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Kazuko Hosokawa is a character in Tsurezure Children. She is in class 2-4.

Kazuko Hosokawa Manga

Kazuko in the manga


Kazuko has shoulder length curly hair with grey eyes.


Kazuko is a nice and mature girl, who is known for her love advice and she acts very dramatic around Shinichi Katori, believing his claims that he was a love god.

She acts very clingy towards Shinichi and begs him to stay with her. She also occasionally acts like a cat to please Shinichi.


Kazuko was a normal girl that people often ask her for love advice, although she felt bothered by this because she didn't have any love experience until she met Shinichi Katori.


Shinichi Katori Edit

Kazuko fell in love with Shiichi after she saw him save a cat from a tree.

She is in the drama club alongside with Ayane Matsuura (Vice President), Urara Takahashi, Nozomi Nakamura, Tomoe Ogi and Itsuki Kuroda.

Kana Iijima Edit

Kana and Kazuko seem to be good friends, often talking and hanging out with each other.

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