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Kana Iijima
Kanji 飯島 香菜
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Height 162cm (5'3")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-4
Personal Status
Relatives Masami Iijima (Mother)
Friends Chiaki Uchimura (Boyfriend), Ayaka Kamine, Kazuko Hosokawa, Patricia Caulfield
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Akari Kitō
English Alison Viktorin

Kana Iijima (飯島 香菜, Ījima Kana) is a character in Tsurezure Children. She is a student in Class 2-4 who is currently dating Chiaki Uchimura.


Kana has hip-length brown hair that has bangs hanging over her forehead and red-brown eyes.

She typically wears her school uniform, which is comprised of a long-sleeved white top with a red bow-tie, reminiscent of a sailor uniform. She wears a pleated black miniskirt and black socks going up to her knees.When she is out and about, she tends to wear a light pink short dress with a yellow, long-sleeved cardigan and black socks going up to her thighs.


Kana possesses the characteristics of a classic tsundere who is argumentative and straightforward, particularly towards Chiaki Uchimura as she even hits him at times, but she normally only does so if they are in a critical situation. While she does not always behave like it, she loves him deeply; she is seen crying over him multiple times. Kana is a caring person regardless of her roundabout way of showing it.

She is tomboyish who enjoys sports, especially football and she has little to no interest in clubs or academics where she is rather distant and introverted. She is courteous to her friends, but she can be awkward around those she does not know. While she enjoys participating in Chiaki's antics, she becomes stressed about his overly relaxed nature in their relationship. She wishes for him to express genuine love for her directly, as he normally does so indirectly because he is nervous. They struggle with physical intimacy.


In Episode 3, when Kana and Chiaki Uchimura made their debut Kana said that her and Chiaki had been dating for a year, but then when she was speaking to one of her classmates (Kazuko Hosokawa), she realized that her and Chiaki have done nothing like a real couple would do (just comedy bits really). Kana decided to do something that would make their relationship progress. When Kana mentioned to do things like 'Kissing and stuff', Chiaki replied to it as, 'Way too embarrassing.' Then says unexpectedly ''That they weren't even dating" and Kana still speaking, to only realize what Chiaki had said when she said 'What?' and Chiaki goes on saying that would Kana want to waste her time with him. With Kana still shocked she says to Chiaki "We are dating, right?" Where he is confused and lost asking Kana 'Who is dating?' and she replies saying that they are dating. Chiaki still confused, asks Kana 'Since when were they dating!?' and Kana replied saying, that she confessed to Chiaki last spring when they were coming home from school and Chiaki thought of her confession as a "Comedy bit", without even realizing Kana burst into tears saying 'she knew something was not right' and she also attempted holding hands with him and always thought of Chiaki as her best friend and thought that he was only just "embarrassed" but she was alright with it since Chiaki was always with her and after Kana still crying she thought the things that they had done together were a sign of how close they were. Chiaki then replies saying sorry and that he has thought of being Kana's boyfriend and with Kana still in tears, Chiaki says to Kana "let's hook up properly" and Kana still thinks its 'another comedy bit' Chiaki makes sure that it is not 'another bit' and makes him and Kana's relationship official and there they continue with their comedy strips and jokes but as a real couple.


Chiaki Uchimura []

Kana is currently in a relationship with Chiaki who became a couple early in the series and Kana says that they are more like brother and sister than a couple.

Ayaka Kamine []

Ayaka is Kana's friend.

Kazuko Hosokawa []

Kazuko is one of Kana's friends whom Kana often asks her for advice about her relationship with Chiaki Uchimura.


  • The name Kana means "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka) and "vegetables, greens" (菜) (na).
  • Kana's surname Iijima means "food" (飯) (i) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).


  • Kana doesn't like English [1].
  • Kana used to be in the volleyball club during middle school, but she quit in high school because her legs were getting fat.
  • Kana likes football.



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