Hiroko Kaji
Hiroko Kaji
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Clothing Store Employee
Personal Status
Relatives Ryouko Kaji (Daughter)
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Hiroko Kaji is a supporting character in Tsurezure Children. She is Ryouko Kaji's mother, and works as a Clothing Store Employee.

Appearance Edit

Hiroko has her hair styled in a bob. Her hair colour is brown while she shares the same eye colour as her daughter.


Hiroko is not a very supporting mother. She constantly nagged her daughter about how she should not trust men and that she'll end up leaving her boyfriend one day.

According to Chapter 188, she was aware of her daughter's smoking but it didn't seem like she was against it. It's possible that Ryouko could have started smoking because of her mother (since she smokes as well).



Ryouko Kaji: Edit

Ryouko is Hiroko's daughter. They have a very bumpy relationship, usually resulting in arguing, mainly about men. Specifically about Ryouko's boyfriend and Ryouko trying to study.



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