Haruhiko Takase
Kanji 高瀬 春彦(たかせ はるひこ)
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Height 172cm (5'8")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club Soccer Club
Personal Status
Relatives Koutarou Takase (Brother)
Friends Saki Kanda (Crush), Alice Himemiya, Akimasa Noro
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kentarou Kumagai
English Stephen Sanders
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Haruhiko Takase is a character in Tsurezure Children. He is in class 2-1 and is in the Soccer Club.


Haruhiko has spiky black hair with dark blue eyes.


He is a very shy when around Saki, and is a lovable jock.

History Edit


Saki Kanda: Edit

He has a crush on Saki but certain texting miscommunication causes their relationship to be awkward. Although they eventually overcome this, they still couldn't muster the courage to confess to one another, until Chapter 212.

Alice Himemiya: Edit

He is friends with Alice, and was aware of Alice's crush on him. They went to the same middle school.

Koutarou Takase: Edit

Koutarou is Haruhiko's younger brother.

Akimasa Noro: Edit

He seems to get along with Akimasa, as they talked during the school trip, and they sit next to each other.

Kimihito Onizuka: Edit

They seem to get along with each other.

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  • He is said to be popular by Kimihito and Saki.
  • He played soccer in middle school although he says that he wasn't that good.
  • In the manga it's common for people to get him confused with Sugawara due to their facial construct and hair style.



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