Fuyumi Toda
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Gender Female
Birthday April
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Height 160cm (5'3")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Personal Status
Friends Yoshiharu Sunagawa (Boyfriend)
Manga Chapter 43
Anime Episode
Voice Actors
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Fuyumi Toda is a character in Tsurezure Children. She is in class 2-1 and is dating Yoshiharu Sunagawa.


Fuyumi is a slim girl of average height. She has purple hair in a bob and has blue eyes.
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Fuyumi in her school uniform


Fuyumi is extremely stoic and dry. She rarely shows any emotion or facial expressions. She says that she doesn't like being romantic or acting close with her boyfriend. She is almost always on her phone.

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Fuyumi showing a rare smile


She went to the aquarium with Yoshiharu and showed him around - telling him about every animal. Yoshiharu saw that she was having lots of fun and that she was acting like a real girlfriend for the first time. He thought that Fuyumi was being really cute and tried to get her to smile. However, she got annoyed and said that she doesn't smile because it would be embarrassing if she was smiling by herself. She then offered to take a selfie together where they both smile. When they took the picture, only Yoshiharu forced a smile and she had her usual stoic face. Fuyumi then walked away with a slight smile on her face.

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Fuyumi and Yoshiharu at the aquarium


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Fuyumi about to kiss Yoshiharu

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Fuyumi getting jealous

Yoshiharu Sunagawa: Edit

Yoshiharu is her boyfriend. They are both really dry and rarely show signs of affection towards each other. However, Yoshiharu wants to be more affectionate with Fuyumi and pushes himself to be more romantic. Fuyumi may say like she doesn't like anything romantic, but she secretly does like it when Yoshiharu compliments or says that he likes her. They don't usually hold hands with each other and they don't talk to each other a lot.

Fuyumi gets a little jealous when Yoshiharu gets close with other girls.

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Fuyumi saying that she loves Yoshiharu

Yukari Nashimoto: Edit

Toda seems to be friends with Yukari. An example is when Toda assured Yukari that she isn't fat, and forcing Yoshiharu to ask Kazuya Sonobe what he thinks of Yukari for her.


  • It is said that she is very good at fortune telling, although she claims that she just says random things.
  • She likes marine animals - especially otters and penguins.
  • She likes dogs.
  • When she was younger, her dream was to be rich.

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