"Romantic Comedy" ("Rabu Komedi", ラブコメディ) is the fourth episode of Tsurezure Children. It originally aired on July 25, 2017.

Summary Edit

The episode starts off with Kana reading Chiaki's porn magazine in his room. Angered, she throws herself down on his bed, saying that if he's so desperate he should just have sex with her. Although Chiaki protests, Kana asks him if he's scared, which angers him. He gets on top of her, and as he leans in his mother enters the room and embarrasses the two.

Ryouko confronts Akagi about their relationship status. Although he angers and makes her flustered by telling her she's too easy to get, he eventually tells her that he does like her. Backing Ryouko up against a wall, Akagi kisses her.

Jun thinks about Yuki Minagawa's confession to him. Yuki asks him for his answer, and he cannot find the words to respond. She walks away sadly, leaving him guilty. With a series of text messages they exchange, Yuki teases Jun and tells him she's not in a hurry for a response.

A friend of Chizuru Takano, Noriko Yoshinaga, gives her a love letter to hand to Takurou Sugawara. Chizuru asks Takurou to meet her after school, to which he excitedly agrees to. When Chizuru gives the letter to Takurou, explaining it was from Noriko, he tells her that he already has a crush on someone else. Chizuru asks him about his crush, and she notices the similarities between herself and the person he is describing. While walking home together, Takurou tells Chizuru he has given up on confessing because he wouldn't like to be friendzoned. After Takurou leaves, Chizuru imagines him confessing to her but tells herself that it would never happen.




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