"Point-Blank Relationships" ("Shikin Kyori Ren'ai", 至近距離恋愛) is the third episode of Tsurezure Children. The episode originally aired on July 18, 2017.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with Kana Iijima, believing that she and Chiaki Uchimura have been dating for a year, wondering why Chiaki hasn't made a move on her yet. She confronts him about it, and to her surprise Chiaki has no clue that they were dating. Kana becomes distressed, but Chiaki admits to having feelings for her and they officially begin dating.

The next bit in the episode has Ayane Matsuura confessing to her crush and getting rejected. Shinichi Katori appears and attempts to cheer her up, but his insensitive words only result in her becoming angry.

Next, Chiyo Kurihara calls Takao Yamane out and asks him out on a date. She has fallen for him after seeing him on the train every day and after he saved her from a pervert. He becomes flustered and nervous, and goes on the date with her. He becomes so anxious he cuts off her confession to him.

Chizuru Takano is on cleaning duty by herself in the school hallway when Takurou Sugawara finds her there and offers to help clean up. They engage in conversation. Takurou thinks that she has realized he has feelings for her and they are talking about love, while Chizuru believes they are talking about cleaning. Their conversation awkwardly ends as Chizuru apologizes and says she'll try to be better at cleaning and Takurou realizes his error.

The episode ends with Haruhiko Takase playing soccer while Saki Kanda is watching from the sidelines.



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