"Spring" ("Haru", 春 はる) is the second episode of Tsurezure Children.[1] The episode originally aired on July 11, 2017.

Summary Edit

The episode starts off with a comical bit about Jun Furuya's younger sister Hotaru Furuya being jealous of a girl in her brothers class named Yuki Minagawa, who has confessed to Jun in the episode prior to this one.

The next bit is about Satsuki Sasahara trying to recruit new members to join the astrology club that she is now the only member in. In the episode, she tries talking an underclassman named Yuuki Kaga into joining and he falls in love with her and agrees to join.

Takeru Gouda from class 2-4 is wondering about why the girl sitting next to him, Ayaka Kamine always seems to avoid him.

Ending the episode on a cute yet sad note, Takurou Sugawara from class 2-4 offers his umbrella to the girl he likes, Chizuru Takano from class 2-4, after school on a rainy day. Even though they’ve never talked prior to this, Sugawara still walks Takano to the bus station. Takano talks about how she’s not likeable, so when Sugawara confesses to her on the bus, She mistakes it for a nice gesture to cheer her up, instead of a real confession. The episode ends with Takano thinking to herself that she should bake him cookies as a thanks for the umbrella.



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