Akimasa Noro
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Gender Male
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club Volleyball
Personal Status
Friends Haruhiko Takase, Alice Himemiya (Crush), Takeru Gouda
Anime Episode 12
Voice Actors
Japanese Shinya Hamazoe
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Akimasa Noro is a character in Tsurezure Children. He is in class 2-1 and is a member of the Volleyball Club.


Akimasa is a boy of average height and has spiky orange, cheek length hair with small dark brown pupils. His eyebrows are always slanted. He is also always seen smiling or grinning.

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Akimasa's usual face


Akimasa is an extremely lively and energetic boy. He is also very optimistic and tries to see the good in every situation. He is a little jealous of all the couples in his school and always tries to compete with other boys that have girlfriends. He is very blunt and even confessed to a girl he just got interested in without any hesitation or embarrassment.

History Edit

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Alice wondering why Akimasa chose to wait for her

One time Alice invited Akimasa to watch a movie after she was rejected by Haruhiko Takase. At first she didn't plan on going and wanted to see him freak out. However, he waited for more than 3 hours for her. He even waited though it started to rain - smiling the whole time. When Alice finally showed up to rebuke him for waiting so long even though she didn't even plan to show up, Akimasa just told her that he wanted to see her and that he didn't have anything else planned that day. In the end Alice still rejected him and walked away wondering why he likes her so much.


Alice Himemiya: Edit

At first Akimasa thought that Alice liked him because she was always staring at him. However, she was really looking at Takase - the boy she is obsessed with. When Akimasa found out, he wasn't discouraged but told her that he would try to make Alice fall in love with him. Alice hates him because of how blunt he is about liking her, but she is starting to show the slightest signs of being interested as well. Akimasa confessed to her in Chapter 199. Akimasa has a tendency to put his finger to his nose whenever he talks to her.

Haruhiko Takase: Edit

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Akimasa and Haruhiko eating together during a school trip

They seem to be very close friends. They sit next to each other in class and Alice says that they are always together. However, they didn't talk to each other that much before the school trip.


  • He isn't a morning person.
  • He likes his fried eggs firm with a little rawness left and eating the yolk in one bite.
  • He wants to try surfing.
  • He is said to be athletic by Kimihito Onizuka.

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